Thursday, August 18, 2016

Birchbox August 2016 Unboxing

It's time to eke out every last bit of summer-and for that you'll need products that don't slow you down.

Or at least thats what the little card on top of my birchbox is telling me!  This month at birchbox it's all about hair and I don't mind one bit. It's been 85 degrees almost every day this summer and my hair has been a frizzy sweaty mess every time I've tried to style it.  I was eager to see what goodies birchbox sent me this month to tame my unruly tresses.

Birchbox August 2016 Review

First of all august has an adorable box, definitely a keeper for those of us who like to use these boxes for storage.  I'm always looking for cute boxes to put old photos in! In total I received 5 samples this month plus a bonus full sized product for signing up.

1.  Beauty Protector - Protect and Detangle 
This best selling elixir locks in color, protects from heat damage, and adds silkiness while making hair smell amazing.

Love this!  The bottle is made of a bendable rubber and when you give it a shake you can feel that they have given you a very large sample.  It smells lovely and my hair feels great! I'm actually bummed because I just bought a leave in conditioner, so we will see how this one compares.

2. Manna Kadar Cosmetics - The Day Dream Palette
Create the perfect summer glow with this bronzer and highlighter duo, which comes as a part of a universally flattering palette.

My initial reaction after opening the box was that this would be my least favorite product.  I absolutely love my Lancome duo stick and have no intentions to change anytime soon.  That being said when I put a little on my arm to photograph it I was actually quite impressed!  The highlighter is gorgeous and shimmery, very close to my skin tone and it blended beautifully.  I may use this one!

3. Marcelle - Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel

With green tea, cucumber extracts, and vitamins C and E, this gel moisturizer nourishes skin while guarding against pollutants.

I'm excited to try this one!  Nice size sample, definitely enough for a few applications.  Smells odorless and feels refreshing on my skin.

4.  Oribe - Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray

This luxe,color-safe spritz delivers beachy, textured waves.  Plus, it hydrates dry hair, boosts shine, and provides natural UV protection.

I actually just started going to a salon that primarily sells Oribe products and was amazed at how much they charge for their products! I gave this a few spritz' today and it does help you get a nice soft beach wave!

5.  The Organic Pharmacy - Enzyme Peel Mask with Vitamin C and Papaya

This vitamin-packed face peel uses enzymes to brighten skin while minimizing fine lines.

I was so excited to see this in the box.  I've been looking into getting some products with vitamin c as I have some discoloration left over from a bad breakout and i've heard great things about vitamin c brightening the skin.  I can't wait to try this.

Bonus - Eyeko London Fat Liquid Eyeliner

I received a full size eyeliner for signing up and I have to say I am impressed.  I haven't worn it on my eyes yet but I put a little on my arm for a photo and it glided on very easy.  It's been on my arm about and hour and anytime i've ran my hand across it not a bit has come off.  If this looks good on it will definitely be replacing my current eyeliner as it smudges and gets in the crease a lot.

Overall I'm impressed with my first birchbox.  I feel that they really listened to the quiz I took and gave me products that I will absolutely be trying and maybe one or two will wind up being products I return to.

If you would like to subscribe to birchbox for just 10 dollars a month, sign up here!

What did you get in your august 2016 birchbox?  I'd love to know!

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