Friday, January 6, 2017

Beauty - Too Faced Unicorn Tear Review

Ever buy stuff on a whim? I do that all the time.  Some people night eat. I night shop (and day shop and morning shop and early afternoon too but let's not get into that)

About a month back I saw an article about Too Faced Unicorn Tears Lip Creme being the ZOMG sold out everywhere color of the year. I knew I had to have it even though I had no justifiable reason. I got 20% off and free shipping so hey, why not?

Unicorn Tears is outwardly light blue, but when applied it's a transluscent purple with specs of blue glitter.  It reminds me of a blue raspberry slushy that you get at the movies, only magical like a lisa frank unicorn. The kind of girl who wears this sort of color should be 17. She wears CK bralettes as tops and black stretchy chokers with buns in her hair.  She's youthful and she DGAF what you think of her sporty spice outfit or crazy taste in lip color.

I knew instantly that I wasn't going to wear this color on it's own. I'm 28 and my sense of style is a little more simple and sophisticated than it was at 17. To me it seems like the sort of color you should wear on top of another, like deeps reds and pretty pinks. I had it for a few weeks when I decided to bust it out on NYE because everyones going to be on the glitter train on that day.

I wound up blending it with an unlikely partner, MAC's "Brave" I was going for a rose gold look on NYE and thought a shimmery little pop of color would blend perfectly. I loved it! It was a bit of a project dabbing it on top of the lipstick and keeping it clean looking.  I probably won't wear it every day but it will definitely makes its way into my special occasions look.  I also want to note the packaging for this product rocks.  Very luxurious and it also included a mini lip creme which I will be trying!

I still don't think that I will wear it on it's own but I also don't think you need to be a teen to rock this color, you just need to have confidence.  It's the kind of color that would look boho chic at a summer concert or party.  I've included a snap of myself on NYE.  My apologies that the lipstick isn't in focus, didn't think I would be posting it!

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