Friday, January 13, 2017

Birchbox January 2016

Birchbox arrival day is so fun!  I try my best not to sneak a peak at what i'm being sent so when it arrives i'm surprised by what I received. If i'm being totally honest I haven't been too impressed with the last few boxes. Quite a few products from the same brand, one box even included two of the same item. I haven't found something i'd actually buy since I received the Milk blush stick in Sepetember.  This months box included five items and i'm breaking them down for you.

Real Chemistry 3 Minute Body Peel - At first glance I thought the packaging looked similar to those squeezy baby food packages. I kind of rolled my eyes at this sample to be honest. I've never used a body peel and I hate when you get any kind of sample that's a use once and throw away. I can never make my mind up in just one go. I will be trying this but I doubt I'll purchase.

Obliphica Hair Serum - Smells lovely and cute packaging. I love that they gave a substantial amount of product in this bottle. You really can't lose with hair serums.

Arrow Endure Mascara - I have received about 5 mascaras between Birchbox and FitFabFun in the last few months and i'm starting to get irritated. I guess you can never have enough mascara?

Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner - I don't use eyeliner much but when I do I use liquid markers. I have the eyeko fat marker from birchbox as well. I'll definitely keep this one though I wasn't really thrilled to receive it.

Evologie Blemish Serum - This one caught my eye. I'm currently dealing with acne and discoloration from acne so every little thing helps. This has an off putting smell but it's not unwearable. However it exploded a little when I was squeezing it out so I don't know how much i'll have left.  

Overall kind of another so so month from Birchbox.  I am considering unsubscribing.  I absolutely love my fit fab fun which is 50 dollars every 3 months and between that and Birchbox I just feel like I'm spending too much money. At 10 dollars a month that's 120 dollars a year that I could be spending to buy a few full sized products that I will actually use.  Next month may be my last.  You subscribe to Birchbox here.

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