Monday, January 16, 2017

My Favorite Christmas Gift

When asking my boyfriend for a holiday gift this year I really tried to think outside of the box. I have always had a love of beautiful globes and maps. I took to etsy to search for something one of a kind and I stumbled upon shopEverthinedesigns's etsy. She hand paints custom messages onto beautiful world globes in gold paint. I immediately knew I wanted my boyfriend to choose what to put on the globe and surprise me! It reads "The world can be a dark and scary place, love is the torch that guides us through" I think it turned out beautifully!


  1. That's a beautiful globe! I love the idea the quote on it :) Might have to check out that Etsy page myself now.

  2. This was such a perfect gift. I always struggle with trying to go a little out of the box with my gift choices, so this is definitely something I'll add to my ideas. This came out perfectly, I love the quote and the gold against the black.

  3. Loving the post! Have a wonderful weekend:)